Protecting Licking County's History

Over 200 years have passed since the first burial at Beard-Green Cemetery. In that time, Mother Nature has taken a toll. Weather has ravaged the stonework: eroding engravings, spreading damaging lichen and moss, and cracking and even toppling some of the memorials.

Staying ahead of the damage caused by the elements is difficult and costly, but essential to preserving this historic landmark. In 1940, when Bertie Dawes recorded the names on surviving headstones, she flagged that 79 graves were already missing memorials. Thirty years later, the Johnstown Genealogy Society couldn't locate 18 of the markers that Bertie had documented.

The work to preserve and honor Licking County's history is an imperative and race against the clock before more heritage is irreparably damaged or lost.

There is an urgent need for skilled professionals to help reset toppled monuments, repair cracked and broken stones, safely remove invasive lichen and moss, and clean the memorials. With no endowment, the friends of the Beard-Green Cemetery cannot do this work on their own. If you can provide support, please contact us.